Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

Super Junior’s Siwon speaks very highly of the anticipated film My Way

Super Junior’s Siwon highly praised My Way, recently released in Korea and directed by a proven director Gang Je Kyu.
On December 15, Siwon posted photos on his Twitter page with the comment: “The word of ‘regret’ can be used only by those who haven’t seen the film My Way. That was the best films I have recently ever seen. I am half ashamed to confess, but I shed tears three times whilte watching it. The film is recommended to you, especially for this chilly season.”
In the photos, he is holding a leaflet of the film, giving a thumb up toward the camera. His slightly lowered head and gently closed eyes well reflect that he was struck with the film.
Fans who saw the photos left various responses: “Your recommendation is driving me to go to the theater.” “I’m really looking forward to watching the movie.” “I already watched it. I was also deeply touched by the story.” “How dare I ignore Siwon’s recommendation?”


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